Going on Four

Yes, going on four weeks of the application process at Big Dog Huge Paws but I am not complaining!  There have been email interviews, two phone interviews, uploading of photographs of the outside and inside of the house, education sessions, references, etc.  The final interview is now complete.  We will know in 24 hours if we are approved.  If so, then we get to request summaries of and speak with foster parents on the phone of the dogs we are interested in -- if they are still available.  If not, then we are approved for 6 months and will work with them to find the right pet for our family.

We are still hoping for Mariam:

The other choice we are looking at is her littermate/sister, Abigail:

If they aren't (I am hopeful!)...then we will proceed with seeing who else is available and becomes available.  Wish us luck!!!