Planetbox Lunch-n-Tell

A few lunches from the past week...

Almond butter and jelly heart sandwich, apple flowers, tomatoes, sweet potato sticks and some M&Ms.

Heart cheesey tortillas, peaches, carrots and hummus, red hot blues chips and a square of chocolate.

Vegen pasts noodles with tomato sauce, pears, baby carrots, trail mix and three M&Ms.

The Lunch Girl.


Anonymous said…
Hello! I just found your blog today and so far I love it. I haven't met any "crunchy" Jewish moms and I was beginning to think there weren't many out there! I'm not yet a mom but that's the goal one of these days.
I love the lunches! The 3 M&Ms is such a good idea. Just enough to make them a delicious treat and not part of the meal. So smart!