A Puppy in the House

So strange to have a puppy bigger than our dogs in the house.  Motek is shy but kind.  She is calm, rarely barks but every once in a while, the puppy in her comes out.  She loves to play with the ball.  She catches it really well.  Our other dogs, Mordi and Sol, don't want to play with her, and are showing aggressive signs when she is clearly attempting to engage in playful behaviors.  I have started to set up play dates with friends and relatives who have medium to big, well-socialized dogs for her.  I know Mordi and Sol will come around...but in the meantime...

Today I took Motek for her first walk since we got her.  She was very nervous and did not want to go out the front door.  Several times she tried to turn around to go back to the house, even when we were one or two blocks away.  Passing cars, people in their garages and a man leaving flyers on doors all spooked her.  However, we persevered and she did quite well.  She walks beautifully on a leash and that is a plus.  When she wasn't spooked, she really seemed to enjoy crunching the snow in various yards and listening to the birds.

I also had another opportunity to pet her when she was sitting my the couch. She stayed very still and I am sure she was just tolerating it.  When I had a few pets in, I got up without looking at her and walked away.  Win!  She didn't jump away or anything. Woot!

She is precious and I am glad she is a part of our family now.