What A Week

What a week?!  Snow.  Usually good.  However, I am taking Monday and possibly Tuesday off work so missing a day makes me anxious.  Neviyah woke up with itchy, swollen hands.  Of course, I imagine the worst...how will we get her to the hospital if this reaction moves to her facial area/throat?!  Not to fear, though, a little cortisone and benedryl did the trick. 

Today, I woke up after barely sleeping feeling like heck.  Very nauseous.  Major headache.  The nausea part has decreased, now I just have body aches and the headache.  Funny, when I was nauseous, I was thinking it would be much better to just have body aches...now that I have the body aches...

Rob left for Colorado. Trying to figure out how to do Shabbat sick with nothing pre-made.  Oy! This may end up being an eat-what-you-can-find-in-the-fridge Shabbat.

I am really hoping I am well by the time Motek arrives and that none of the kids get sick (or G-d forbid, Rob while he is on the road).  So much to do at work...trying not to think about it. Trying not to think about it.  Trying not to think about it!


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