2 Forever

I ask her, my two-year-old, "What will you be able to do when you are older that you cannot do now?"

She answers, without even a second to think on it, "I will be able to read a storybook by myself when I am bigger.  I will buy some boots at the store.  My feet will reach the table."


We are in the car.  She says to us, "I will marry to my sister!"

We tell her that you cannot marry your sister.  You have to choose someone else, a partner.

She says, "But Sissy is my partner, Mamma.  I will marry to my Sissy and Sissy will marry to me!"  Turning to her sister, with an incredible smile on her face, "Sissy, we be married to each other!"


We are lying in bed.  She grabs my arm and hugs it.  "I just love you so much, Mamma."  I hug her and kiss her head.  "I love you, too, Sweetness," I declare.  "No, Mamma, I am Neviyah."  Then she giggles.


Favorite commands.  "Tell me a 'pooky story!"  "I just really want a peanut butter and jelly (je-wee) sandwich."  "Eh, eh, eh...I need water!"  "I just really want somebody to play chase with me."  "Pancake!"  "Waffle!"  "I wanted juice."  "I wanted lemonade."  "I wanted water."  "The pink lid!"  "The yellow (ye-woe) lid!"  "I really wanted the green cup."  "Dora the Explorer (Dora the Aploora)."  "I wish I could watch Little Bear (yittle bear)."  "Where's my Grandma?"  "I am really tired. Put me to bed, Mamma."