The Craziness of It All

I have been self-absorbed, to a degree, as my two-year old has been throwing up for five days, and as of the last two, has been having increased incidences of coughing spells in the midst of which she literally cannot breathe.  It is like her breathe is stuck on the inhale. [Note: She just awoke throwing up all over the bed so let's change that to six days of throwing up.]  The only meds she is on are two different types that go into the nebulizer.

In light of our worry about her health, maintaining hydration, fears of an asthma attack being triggered, etc., it makes it harder to realize the depth of tragedy going on in the world.  It wasn't until I was browsing the news channels that I got to actually see moving pictures of the disaster in Japan.  Reading about devastation between your sick child vomiting and seeing live footage are two different things.  It pierced my heart in a way I thought had already been done reading about it but for which clearly hadn't.  Devastating!  This kind of natural disaster shakes the security I have in day-to-day living.  I cannot even fathom what the Japanese are going through, how the survivors are coping, how to deal with the mass-grieving of those you know and love who are gone and missing and all at the same time.  Then, to have fears of the nuclear reactor melting down, a shortage of food and medical care...aftershocks, dam failures.

Then when I move around the world to Israel and am drawn back to the smaller scale of senseless violence against a family where five are killed (including an infant -- an infant stabbed to death) and the daughter coming home from a youth event to find her family in this way. Where is the humanity?  Where is the outrage?  Terrorism in Israel has world sympathizers.  It is disgusting. Horrific.

My little one, now cleaned up, bedding changed, just rolled over and said, "Momma, I just love you." in her sweet, sick voice.  This little girl is what gives me hope for the future.