New Beginnings

There have been lots of "new" in this family lately.  Change can be really hard on people in general but can also strain families.  Fortunately for me, change does not necessarily bother me in the classic sense.  I am a change-embracer, and I recognize the growth potential in it.  Still, the changes that have occurred to our family, within our family, however it is said...these changes are still painful, emotionally drenched.  So while I embrace change, there is a hiccup factor involved with it.  For each of the major changes, there has included a grieving stage.  For each of the minor changes, there has been a little bit of uncertainty bordering on minor fear involved.  I am not one to wallow, so it isn't like I haven't moved forward or that I am stuck.  I am trucking along, acknowledging, making decisions, and moving forward.  I won't lie -- I have probably cried more these last two months than I have in the last 10 years.  That's okay.  I believe firmly in experiencing a full range of emotions in order to be healthy enough to move forward.  I have had great support from friends who have (at least to my face) have not written me off as crazy as our family moved through some difficult times. I can say now that the change and direction we have taken on many fronts were necessary and for the most part positive.

One change in our lives involves school for Alia.  She starts her new school after Pesach (Passover), and while we are excited for her, she is not embracing change the same way we are.  However, she recently received a little gift from her new school and she was definately all smiles about it!


neta said…
Sending prayers and positive energy to you and your family that there is peace and strength through these transitions. *HUG*