The Power of Skype

Technology has come a long way.  Skype has changed my life.  In Israel in 2009, I video-skyped with my family (for free) on a nightly basis.  It was wonderful to be able to see my children and husband so regularly when I was so far away.

My new chavurah, Chavurah Minsara, uses skype to connect every other week to our teacher for amazing imagery experiences.  We are able to see and hear her, and she is able to see and hear us.  This is important when doing imagery work.

I skype regularly with my friend in France.  I feel like I see him every day but I haven't actually seen him in years.  Still, through skype, we keep connected and he is always available to help with computer problems (yes, he is a complete computer wiz).

You don't even want to know how much Rachael and I skype each other.  All day, every day just about.  It is quicker than the telephone. And we apparently always have something to say.  When we are in person is when we have silence because we have already skyped everything there could possibly be to talk about!

Tonight, I video-skyped with my friend who is in the hospital for serious reasons: she lost her baby, and now has to go through the process of birth.  This is the second time she has had to do this.  I don't know how much it helped her because what she is going through is one of the most tragic things I can conjure up in my mind.  I do know that is was nice to see her smile, and to hear her talk of mundane things which helped her to draw the focus away from the current situation.  Neviyah sang her some songs, and Alia waved her hellos.  It was nice to just be able to be there in whatever small capacity I could be.  (There is another little surprise but I cannot blog about it just yet.)

In all, skype has helped me to connect in real ways with the people I love.


Unknown said…
This is what makes Skype an excellent tool -- so many connectivity uses, including collaboration. I was even reading you can use Skype and a mobile phone together as a security camera with the right apps.
Rachael said…
I can't believe that you gave up our Skype secret. People are going to think that we are compulsive talkers! ;p
Kalanit said…
ROFL...and would they be wrong?!