Purim Festival!

Purim isn't for another couple weeks but today was the BAUSY (B'nai Amoona USY) annual Purim Festival.  Lots of fun for the kids!!!  Lots of noise for the adults!!!  I have broken the pictures into three different groups.  I hope you enjoy them!  (I suggest clicking on the picture below and then clicking on Slideshow on the top, left area.)

This first group is Alia and Neviyah before we left home.

This is the carnival at B'nai Amoona.  Some of the captions are informative so check them out as you browse.  As you can see, the kids had a great time, and there were a lot of people!

Purim Carnival--Bnai Amoona

After the carnival, we hung out for a while in the link.  Here are some kid shots of Alia, Neviyah, Eli, Adeena, and AJ.

Purim Carnival--After