Rootin' Tootin' Gluten Time!

The title has nothing to do with this entry.  It was just kinda fun to type.  Yes, I am *that* kind of a nerd.  This entry is about sickness, specifically the flu.  For those unfamiliar with this, let me spell it out for you.  Flu is the thing that has been causing my already underweight daughter to vomit for three days and nights straight.  Oh, I forgot to mention that she is doing this often.  It is the cause of her two-day 102 degree fever. It is also the reason she is sleeping soundly next to me at 6:13 p.m.

Today, I began to experience flu symptoms.  I drank some Theraflu tea and took some Tamiflu.  The Tamiflu was $55.00 for 10 tablets/5 days of meds!  It had better work.  Rob is also showing beginning signs but we only had enough money for one prescription.  Yes, friends, chivalry is alive and well.  He gave them to me.

Alia, my totally awesome daughter, is not currently showing signs of this flu thing (thank G-d!)...yet.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

If you continue to see me on Facebook and the blogisphere, then you know the Tamiflu is winning.  If not, then assume I am sick in bed with all the nasty side effects of flu.