Beautiful Shabbat

There are three things I love about a good Shabbat weekend:  (1) Welcoming Shabbat with friends, lots of children laughing and playing, delicious food and fine wine!  (2) Lazy middle part of Shabbat that includes a Shabbos nap, a little cholent here and there, and being surrounded by my family.  (3) Havdalah with a little song, and led by children (or alternately, Enid).

This Shabbat weekend... (1) I welcomed Shabbat with a group of friends, a lot of children, the best dang challah ever (homemade), delicious food (especially the salmon, greenbeans and tiramisu) and fine, fine wine that I drank plenty of!  (2) Shabbat day we spent as a family lounging around, napping, snacking on a fresh beet, cauliflower, and chickpea cholent.  (3)  Havdalah, directly after our delicious eggplant and angel hair pasta dinner, was fantastic.  Alia and her friend led, and they did a beautiful job.

This past Shabbat?  WIN!

(Not sure if this is what we drank)