Birthday Bash

On April 8th my beautiful and completely awesome daughter Neviyah turned 3!  We had Neviyah's favorite-friends over -- Leilie and Adeena (and their respective families + 1 additional family, all with whom we enjoy spending time).  We made Neviyah's favorite foods:  mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and curry cauliflower.  She had a marble Dora cake for dessert.

Her birthday party was on Shabbat so we only have pictures from before Shabbat started and before the rest of the guests arrived.  Even you will see, we had a wonderful start to the party! 

Before the festivities...we brushed Motek.  Oy gevalt!!!

Then we blew up balloons.

Rachael came early and hung the streamers.

Alia was extremely helpful in preparing the party room.

Adeena did a great job batting the balloons while jumping on the couch!

Beautiful first-ever Shabbat candles for Nevi from the Rachaels.

The gift opening begins!

Fruit puzzle and drawing board -- none of which were made in China.

More presents.

Wooden butterfly puzzle.

Alia helping Neviyah open the hard ones.

What?!?  A computer just like Leilie?! Best present ever!

Second favorite gift -- Dora pajamas!