Eating on Passover

This year, we tried a little something different for the food department, that is.  We bought almost nothing processed (only matzah and that fake pasta).  Everything else, fresh.  Also, we tried to keep all of our snacks raw for the most part.  I really enjoyed doing this, but I have literally been starving to death, as evidenced by the number of Pesach cookies that I ate at Cyndee's house.

Neviyah and I have been eating a heck of a lot of baby carrots with various dips -- mock liver, babaganush, garlicky sour cream, etc.  I fully expect to be orange-ish soon.  Rob and Alia seem to have taken the apple or clementine route.   We have also been having a lot of twice-baked potatoes, avocado, fresh salads, fruit, roasted and chunked vegetables and salmon.

Tonight for dinner, I am going to lightly saute some asparagus, red onion, bell pepper, and zucchini to add to a kale salad with avocado.  I will make a lemon-oil-garlic-pepper dressing.  I will also bake some eggplant rounds simply (salted-drained-rinsed, lightly oiled, salt and pepper).  I may also make watermelon and feta salad.