First Day

I am happy to announce that the first day of school for Alia:  WIN!  She gave it an 8 out of 10!

The day started with a big hug from her teacher, Morah Val, and words of encouragement.  It ended with the teacher reading a novel to the class.  They are learning geometry in math and are covering American Indians in history.  One of her first homework assignments is to pick a poem to memorize by Friday.  She chose "Bear in There" by Shel Silverstein.  She loves polar bears and comedy so it seemed the logical choice!  So far, she has memorized half of it. 

We need to bring "dirty shoes" to leave at school.  These shoes will be used for the field studies they perform in the prairie on the property.  Alia is extremely excited about this.  Today they did not go to the prairie because of the rain, but this is definitely something that has peeked Alia's interest.

Alia has spent the evening napping (school is exhausting!), reading, memorizing her poem and now, playing a little Wii to relax.