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We received an invitation for Alia to attend the Pardes at BA religious school field trip.  It is likely that Alia will be attending next year to supplement her Jewish learning, and to make sure she is learning and connected to the traditions of the Conservative movement. 

She continued to be excited up until the moment, we started to walk down the hall to go to class.  Then, in Alia style, she started to freak out.  She was scared she wouldn't know anyone.  They would think she was weird.  She didn't want to go anymore.  There was one moment when I thought the good-mom thing to do might be to leave with her since she was clearly uncomfortable.  She wouldn't even enter the classroom. However, I just left her outside the classroom, told the teacher what was going on and then left.  I am glad that is how it was handled.  By the time I picked her up, she was ALL SMILES and eagerly handed me the matza she had made for me to taste.  She commented on how NICE all the kids were, and she thought it was "kinda fun."  WIN!

The Pardes religious school has a blog that I will link up with when I am not feeling lazy.  In the meantime, here is the link to explore for yourself.


Jennifer said…
Glad it was such a good experience. We are excited to have Alia join us next year.