Universal Love In the House

Wow! Sometimes things just go so-so-so-so right!  (Look at that...didn't even feel the need to modify it so that the so-sos were odd instead of even!)

I feel like embracing the Universe! 

Israeli dancing with a physical workout component and great, friendly people. (check)

Renegotiate the office lease with HUTKIN DEVELOPMENT which was, on the part of the agency and the owner, just and fair and even, mind you, compassionate towards our financial situation right now. (check)

Open mortgage lender mail to discover that the lender has reduced our mortgage interest rate by 2.0% when we never requested it, thus lowering our payment such that we won't be on the verge of being overdrawn every month once it kicks in. (check)

Kind introduction and invite to a group dinner from the 3rd grade class' parents at the new school. (check)

Beautiful weather today!!! (check)

Going to Israel in 89 days!!! (check)

Carol and Rabbi Neal in town in 8 days!!! (check)