State of the Union

Today I drove through an industrial park, four streets, and saw no less than 34 office spaces for lease.  Thirty-four!  While our government debates cutting off health care to the most unfortunate, big business and its corporate welfare, big bonuses and no-tax responsibility go unchecked.  My friends on the right seem cold-hearted and delusional.  My friends on the left couldn't affect change if it was handed to them on a silver platter (oh wait, they were handed a silver platter and nothing was done).  Those in the middle are complacent.  I am too old for revolution, with my mortgage, private school tuition, need for security.  I can only write letters, bitch-moan-groan, feel exasperated and desperate, and then exasperated again.  Everyone wants a piece of my money, and I don't have enough of it to satisfy all the different entities.  Our family hasn't had a proper vacation since before Neviyah was born. Literally.  My attempts to downsize will never happen because our house is too much of a wreck to ever be able to sell, especially in this market.  I am too tired to exercise.  Yeah, yeah.  I don't pity-party often so give me my moment already!


Okay, done.  Now I feel better.  Back to normal.