Working Like a Worker Bee

It feels good to have a full day of work, to be busy, brainstorming, testing, marketing, refining.  It is also a bit harder when I get home from work. I am really excited to see my family, but I am also exhausted.  I feel like I need time to myself even in the midst of aching for hugs and kisses from my beautiful daughters.  Rob, who has usually been with Neviyah all day, is anxious to get a break and pretty much expects to be off the parenting hook for the night.  I don't blame him, I really don't.  Alia, who has turned into a let-me-tell-you-every-second-of-my-awesome-school-day-as-soon-as-your-big-toe-makes-it-through-the-door and Neviyah, hanging and whining to get my attention over Alia's, makes me see on the one hand how awesome it is to be a mom...but it is mixed with the reality that I JUST WALKED IN THE DOOR and I feel like physically and mentally collapsing.   Instead, I have two hyper kids vying for my attention in a physical and loud manner.

I know, it could be worse, right?  I realize that intellectually.  My life is wonderful if I step back and look at what is important.  Sure, it stinks to be broke at the moment but that will not be forever.  I have a goal of undoing the debt we got ourselves into, and I trust that within a couple of years or so we will be in a very good position.  My children are about as awesome as they come.  I have a husband that supports my business ventures, personal endeavors, multiple projects I get myself into for mental and social stimulation and seems to, for the most part, still like me most of the time.

Life is good.