Witch Stew

Neviyah and I have the best conversations when we lie in bed at night.  Last night, Neviyah wanted "scary stories" because she "just likes them."  I began, "Once there was a witch who was very hungry and decided to make her great-great-great-great-great grandmother's Witch Stew.  What did she put in first?"

Thus began Neviyah's ingredient list which included these items, written exactly as she spoke them.
  • Five boogers
  • Two bat wings
  • 10 red stinging ants and their heads, too
  • Spiders
  • Shoes
Then she proceeded to pretend to stir the pot, taste (it was apparently delicious) and giggle which gave way to a laugh which gave way to undoing all of the hard calming-down-to-get-ready-for-bed work!  I asked her what she would put in a healthy stew, to which she replied, "I TOLD you already, Mama!" and proceeded to re-list the Witch Stew recipe and another giggle war began. Such fun we have!


Anonymous said…
Please post a video of Nevi telling us how food turns into poop.