Can You Say...Fantastic?!

Absolutely fantastic weekend - starting with Thursday...and ending Saturday night!  Guest scholar-in-residence Or Rose came to teach, and help us prepare for the holidays.  The theme for the weekend, and really this whole High Holiday period of time, is "G-d in All Moments."  Wow! 

Or is a soft-spoken person.  He speaks clearly, slowly and deeply.  Each lesson built on the other.  As he spoke, I could see the sensitivity of his father in his words, expressions and comments.  I especially enjoyed our chavruta study, and my insightful study partners - Carol and Rob.  The niggunim were powerful, centering and really set the tone for deep and personal study. 

We learned a bit about Gerrer Hasidim, and now that I have been introduced, I am interested to see what some further teachings of the various rebbes are.  I find the mystical traditions of the Hasidim so fascinating, but I also find that I am not able to glean anything meaningful without someone to teach it to me or lead me there.  Perhaps in time, but for now, I need that kind of guidance.  Being around the Roses (any one of them from Carol and Neal to Carnie, Or and Kliel, and I am sure Avi, too, but I haven't had the benefit to learn from him yet) really gives me multiple exposures to this kind of material which is so transformative on so many levels.