Frugal Food - Week 1

Eating fresh, healthy non-processed food costs a lot of money.  It is much easier to save money and eat unhealthy.  It really shouldn't be that way.  I figured out the other day that there are 16 dinner meals before I am paid again.  I am attempting to meal plan for all of them in an effort to shave our grocery bill.  Here is what the first 5 days for dinners look like.

  • Grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches with a fresh spinach salad
  • Wide handmade noodles with peas, squash and bella mushrooms in a light butter cream sauce
  • Tofu stir fry with snap peas and zucchini
  • Savory vegan sausage and peppers (recipe here)
  • Homemade whole wheat pizza
Included with that are school lunch items for all members of the family for 5 days and breakfast, too.  The goal is under $100.00.