Training Bras and Combat Boots

Yes, it has been one of those kinds of days. We started with a nice diner-style breakfast of crispy pancakes, eggs and toast, and some smokin' hot coffee.  In a most surreal fashion, I then drove my 9 year old to Target to embark on a shopping adventure for the necessities of every emerging girl-woman who has joined the Mother Nature club -- we shopped for training bras and combat boots.

No, the training bra was not for me, thankyouverymuch!  Sheesh!  That was actually the easy part.  There were limited pickings in bra area so she opted for the slightly-gathered, peace-sign-bearing training bra. (check)

Next, to the was a hard decision between cowboy boots and combat boots.  The brown combat boots with a little faux lining was ultimately decided upon.  The laces were the hard part.  Do all those silly rules still apply?  White for white pride, red for killing someone, yellow for anarchy or cop killing?!  I am not sure, but we decided upon gold.  Not only is it not associated with anything, but it is sparkly and girly.  Plus, I've decided to start a trend that gold = awesomeness.  (check) 

Though the picture looks yellow, it is really a sparkly gold, I promise!


Cathy Anderson said…
I think my daughter likes these type of training bra as you describe because they do not show through her shirts. They are not really supportive but at that size, I don't think that is really necessary. I would purchase at