Don't Pay the Ferryman

Don't pay the ferryman, er, dry cleaner...?

We took almost every stitch of dry cleaning we had, and dropped it off at the organic cleaners from down the street.  A month went by, and since we had so many clothes out to the cleaner, we decided to wait another week or two before picking them up since, of course, we are poor and had no extra money that pay period.  Another couple weeks went by and we pretty much forgot about it.  Before Shabbat last week, it became apparent that neither of us had any clothes to wear and so Rob swung by the cleaners.


No lights.  Locked during working hours. No product inside.  Yes, friends, the dry cleaner went out of business, and took with it almost our entire dry cleaning wardrobe with it.

We have driven by several times now, each time hoping that by some strange miracle, they will be open and our clothes available.  Doesn't look like that fantasy is going to happen any time soon!