Goals, Goals and Goals...

It is never good when the neighbor crosses the street to congratulate you and ask if you are 5 months pregnant!  Yes, it happened the other day.  While I know my midriff has been growing, generally speaking I like to pretend it isn't such a big deal.  Yes, the clothes are getting tighter.  Yes, it is getting harder to hide under clothes.  Still, I enjoy the benefit of having a normal (albeit is small) bust size that comes with this additional weight.  Cut me some slack! It is hard to be the flat girl!

However, clearly the time has come to get off of my tuckis and do something about it!  I am waiting until after Thanksgiving (no reason to set myself up for failure!).  I am meeting with a person who is going to go over my nutrition, show me how to workout at home (since being able to do that will cut any excuses I might have about not being able to get to the gym), and get me started on the right path.  I am looking for a free logging system to track my exercise, food intake and weight.  I don't really care for Sparks People. I want something simpler, cleaner, without bells and whistles.  Suggestions welcomed!

Once I have everything figured out, I am going to post my goals so that I am accountable. 

Rabbi Max Weiman told me via Facebook that there are three mitzvot associated with my commitment to get back into shape!  He wrote, "Deut. 4:9 and 4:15 are commandments to guard your health. Maimonides has a lengthy health manual based on the mitzvah to know there is a God. If you're not healthy, you can't think straight. And the Chinuch considers taking care of anything of worth (like your body) the principle behind the mitzvah not to cut down a fruit tree at war."  So there you have it! Additional motivation because I will be engaging in mitzvot!

Wish me strength, control, motivation, and success, please!!!