Speak Up!

There is something extremely disturbing about students, professionals and others coming to the defense of those who keep silent when child abuse, rape, molestation and other such atrocities have occurred.  This shroud of silence - and then the ensuing support for those who kept silent - makes me question humanity.  Deeply question it.

Look, there is absolutely no way that Sandusky could be caught in the act on three separate occasions, one of which was in the act of raping a ten year old, and the word not spread.  Period.  The person who witnessed it told people, and those people told people who told people who in turn probably told others, too.  The way in which he pulled these kids out of school, took them on trips, shared hotel rooms, had them to his house, hugged and showered with them...I don't buy that people didn't catch on to his creep-vibe, didn't suspect, didn't hear something.  Yet, no one did a thing.


It sickens me that Sandusky could and did do such things.  Obviously the guy is a sick-sick monster.  What about the others - those who heard, suspected, witnessed...what is it about human nature that in one breath we can come to the aid of mass suffering and in the next, feel it is none of our business to get involved?

Silence is a terrible thing.  If you suspect, you can confidentially hot line - over and over again if necessary - you can call the police, you can call social services, you can call someone in charge, you can follow up, you can effect change.  And for the love of G-d, if you witness it, then you STOP IT and PROTECT the child.

It shouldn't take courage to do this.  It should only take humanity.