Dear Israel

Dear Israel,

I haven't written about you lately, mainly because it feels like you are so far away.  I keep trying to figure out what it is about you that has me so captivated, so connected.  When I see the beautiful photographs of the Rose family in Jerusalem, Tzfat, and Tel Aviv, I have an incredible ache to be there.  When I look through Alyson and Yossi's Facebook pictures of places in Israel I have never been, I have a twinge of jealousy and a resolve to visit those places.  Today, I saw the AISH flyer for the TAG trip for women, and I felt a swelling in my heart.

It is almost like you are a magnet, and I am drawn to you for every reason and for no reason.  I fear I will forget you--the parts of you that I love. The smell. The sky. The stairs. The people. The children. The Kotel. The sounds and the energy of Shabbat.  The delicious food   -- (go ahead, click on it!)

I miss you, Israel, and I hope to be able to see you again soon.