Neurology Appointment

Today was Rob's neurology appointment.  We found out many things, and have a solid strategy for going forward.  The headaches have been diagnosed as migraines, not clusters.  They fall into the chronic category. They are treatable, and the doctor has set forth the following as the first phase of headache treatment:

(1)  Every  morning, record on the Headache Log the severity of the headache the day/night before. A rating scale will be used from 1 to 10.

(2)  Cut out all soda, coffee, tea and chocolate. The key here:  No caffeine!  It takes about 25 to 30 days to detox from caffeine and headache medications previously taken.  The former drugs prescribed may have exasperated the headaches because they contained two of the three major triggers for migraines. Oy!

(3)  Take a combination of three drugs.  The first is to help him over the initial hump of cutting caffeine and headache meds.  This drug will be taken for only two weeks, two times per day with food.  The next one will be a preventative medication. It will be taken daily and is actually an anti-seizure medication. The last is a med that can be taken up to two times a day, 10 days a month. That will be taken at will, when needed.

The doctor expects in week 5, Rob will have noticed a big change in the rating scale for his log. At the five week follow up, we will see what will be done for phase two.