Where Do I Start?!

Hrmmmm, I could start with the large scary cut down my dog's back story of Neviyah coloring a red line down the white dog's back, and then the subsequent artwork in the hallway.  Or, I could begin with my blaming Rob that he wasn't taking the countertop composter out to the compost bin frequently enough Neviyah taking an apparently really old yogurt out of her pretend microwave and thus releasing a swarm of fruit flies (a.k.a. sewer gnats) into the house.  Oh, I could get the ball rolling with the dog getting reprimanded for pissing in the hallway the hallway peeing incident, the one where I am yelling at the dog and Neviyah says, "No, Mama! I did that!"  I ask why as I notice she is bare-butt.  "Because, Mama, I didn't want to sit on the toilet."  Oh, it all makes sense, now. Of course!

It is always an adventure here!