The Princess and the Thermometer

You know me.  I am an avid breastfeeder.  I breastfed Alia until she was three.  I was heartbroken and devastated when Neviyah quit breastfeeding at 18 months.  I made my own baby food. Cloth diapered before it became re-popular. Made my own butt-rinses for baby's tuckis.  I kept the little ones away from sugar, tv, and other influences. I co-slept with Chandler until he was 7, Alia until she was 6 and am still doing so with Neviyah. We are a vegetarian/pescatarian family.

So why does my little Nevi-Nevs get sick ALL WINTER LONG?! Does it mean nothing - these things I do?!

She went from almost a week of flu - to 4 days of croup - to a major cold and fever - to an ear infection - and now 10 days after antibiotics, she goes straight to a fever.  Germy kids and germy places and germy germs all seek her out.

It was heartbreaking this morning to have her cry. She awoke with the understanding that she would not be able to go to Small Hands, Big Difference today.  Her sobs turned to despair to desperation ("I want to see Adeena...") until she finally calmed down some 45 minutes later.  Then it started again, because the crying caused her nose to be plugged and now she couldn't breathe. UGH! My poor baby!

The only good news is no fever at all today yet.

Should have known she was getting sick -- the purple under the eyes becomes more pronounced.

Contaminating the challah pre-Shabbat! :)