First Dental Appointment

Today was Neviyah's first dental appointment.  It started with her picking a pair of sunglasses to wear so that the overhead lights would not hurt her eyes.

Then Neviyah picked a toothbrush, and of course she picked a princess one!

She was then introduced to the different items that would be used for the teeth cleaning, like toothpaste!  Strawberry. Nevi takes a sniff!

The toothpaste sits on a ring.

The air thingy!

The paper cape...

Someone knows she is cute!

No pictures of the teeth cleaning.  It was all tears. :(  Broke my heart.  Here she is getting flossed.  She calmed down a bit for this, only because she found out there was a treasure chest and she was going to get to pick 2 toys for being so "brave."