Kidneys, Glasses, and a Craving

Today was Alia's visit with the nephrologist.  If we don't do that again for another 9 years, I would be happy.  The anxiety factor on Alia's part is much too high to have a repeat.  The bottom line is that the doc thinks that perhaps the pump and grab feature of the kidneys may not be working properly.  Instead of pulling the sugars that made it through the filter system back into the kidney area, they are instead not doing their job so the sugars make it to the urine.  If that is all that is happening, we have nothing to worry about. The amount of sugars spilling are small. However, if they aren't pulling back other things (like magnesium, amino acids and other random things), then there is a problem.  They did some further testing and results will be back soon.  Once in, we will know more.

I had my fitting today for my new (old lady) glasses.  They are progressives, which means bifocals that blend. The top of the lens is for regular viewing, middle for computer and bottom middle for reading. It is hard to get used to them. I look in the wrong part constantly.  Also, apparently at rest, my chin is held up too high so I am constantly needing to lower my head to use the top part of the glasses.  I like the glasses I picked out, and hope the adjustment period happens quickly!

First craving as a vegan.  I want something sweeeet. I hardly ever crave sweets.  I am at the moment, though.  So, I sipped on a small shot of Frangelico.  It wasn't what I wanted.  So I am eating vegan junk food - some vegetable pirate booty.  It isn't sweet, but it is satisfying whatever the heck this craving is.  


Neferuhethert said…
Good luck with your new glasses! I've had blended lenses for about 6 years now. I also had a hard time remembering where to look when using them (going down stairs was a particular challenge..) I still don't enjoy reading with them for extended periods, though, so I got some reading glasses (1.5+) at the drugstore, and that was a good solution.

Hope you and your family are doing well.
Neferuhethert said…
I hope Alia feels better soon, too!