Random Outside Ins

My Morning
This morning, I woke up and did about 3 1/2 minutes of yoga. I'm sorry, but it hurts my back. And some of the stretching scares me because it is stretching that had led to all of my back incidences, including the one that cause my disk to explode.

My Contemplations
I have been thinking, what does it mean to get my OUTSIDE self in shape, to go through the transition INSIDE that led to my name change...what does any of this do for connection, connection to G-d, to the Divine, to the Mysterious One.  Does taking care of my body and calibrating my inner-self to be more authentic have any bearing on my ability to connect? 

My Awareness
In each moment that I am able to be aware and present, I will try for transformation of negative emotions — fear, depression, anxiety, frustration, loneliness, jealousy and anger — into positive ones, such as courage, joy, calm, patience, connectivity, self-esteem and compassion.