Let the Countdown Begin!

Thursday is the day we leave this godforsaken town, and head out to the sunny state of Florida. We have not had a family vacation since we went to Georgia with Chandler and Alia...before Neviyah was even born!  You can imagine our excitement to get away, even if it is just from Thursday until the ungodly early morning of Monday (our flight leaves at 6:30 am).

We have a tradition of taking the children to Disney World upon turning four.  We took Chandler and Dylan at 4 and 5.  We took Alia as 4. And now, just before the Nevster turns 4, we are honoring this tradition.  It seems the prices have something like tripled.  Insane!  Good thing we have been putting a minuscule amount of money away each month so that we can do this.  (For all you judgers out there, I hardly think a weekend getaway once every 4 years is excessive!)

Now here is the kicker - I am WGPB (whole grain, plant based...i.e. vegan...aka FOK for Fork over Knives...or I could say Engine2 or even Barnard RD for Dr. Barnard's reverse diabetes diet...I just cannot decide what term to use)...Alia and Neviyah are vegetarian...and Rob is pescatarian.  So how the heck are we going to eat at Disney?!?!  Never fear...we WILL eat and it WILL BE according to our various diets.  Stay tuned for updates about our eating adventures at Disney!  I fully intend to blog it with pictures and such so that others who go after me can successfully navigate Disney veganly!

Deciding where to stay was a huge ordeal.  We fluctuated between cheap hotel off-site and three or four day passes to Disney...to camping and having more spending money...to our final decision to go with an on-site moderate resort and only getting 2 day passes. The days we are there without passes, we will swim, hike, bike ride, something!  So, we are going to stay at Port Orleans - Riverside!  Alia made the final decision after reviewing the cheapest of the moderate and all of the value resorts on-site.  I think she made a fantastic choice!

Port Orleans - Riverside


Holly said…
Sounds like so much fun!!! Steve, Sammy and I will be across town at Universal trying to figure out the food thing as well! Steve vegan, me veg and Sammy whatever we can coax into him. We broke down and rented a car so we can get to a grocery store if all else fails. Hope it is a wonderful, memorable trip for you all - Take lots of pics of those precious kids! And soak up lots of thata Florida Vit. D!!!!
Neil said…
Check out the following blog for a vegan tour of Disney Florida. (FYI - I didn't actually read his whole blog post, so I don;t actually know how informative it will be!)
Aura said…
There was one place in the Magic Kingdom that had sushi! Hope you find it! Have fun!!!