Can You Say "Busy?"

I had great intentions of blogging our trip to Disney...of blogging my vegan experience there...but it seems like I will never find the time.  Pesach preparations are well underway and it is exhausting to say the least. Today Rob and I moved every stitch of furniture, vacuumed, re-arranged furniture, rehung pictures, dusted things we haven't thought to dust since last Pesach...and then Alia and I, along with her Aunt Kelly who has officially been sainted as of tonight, spent 5 hours supporting her hard work to finish up her science fair project.  I am so tired that I feel bruised and beaten.

Kaley, my beautiful niece - inside and out - spent another weekend with us. I wish she could spend every weekend with us. I love having her here.  Anyway, when Kaley is here, we seem to experiment with vegan eating in St. Louis!  In the past two weekends, we have eaten at Black Bear Bakery for their vegan buffet (fantastic!) and had the best vegan french toast ever (coated in panko) at Sweet Art (best vegan restaurant in STL) as well as making a lunch stop to Local Harvest (limited choices but always delicious). 

I really need to spend some one-on-one with Neviyah.  I can tell by her level of clingy-ness that she needs that. I don't know how or when I am going to work that in but I am going to find a way.

My first plant-based, whole grain, non-processed Seder is on its way Friday night. Very excited! Hope all of the recipes are good. Wish me luck!!! And more on this later...