The Eating Update

I have received a lot of inquiries about how the new eating system is going, so I thought I would give a little update.


For me, it is pretty simple.  Most of my friends are already vegetarian, and quite a few are already between 50% to 90% vegan.  That makes life a bit simpler.  When that is not the case, I find it is still pretty simple to find something to eat.  I have found a woman that makes vegan challah.  Although it is not whole grain, it works for once a week on Shabbos.  I bring my own food for kiddish if I go to shul since at my shul, it tends to be cheese heavy.  The other day I went to a different shul, and I could eat almost everything that theirs.  Nice and pleasant surprise! 

The one area of potential concern is our lazy grocery shopping. This results in our eating out more often.  With the limited choices, it has resulted in spending more money than necessary.  Also, with the advent of SNAP beginning for Alia on Mondays and Wednesdays, it has also thrown a curve ball on how to eat or snack when on the run.  The last challenge has been Chandler who moved back in with us.  He isn't too thrilled about this vegan eating, and will barely sample any of the food.  I am getting a taste for the "teen" challenge that others have mentioned on my Plant Strong board.

My weight after all the pounds came off remains the same - it generally fluctuates +/- 1.5 pounds.  Energy levels have been great except for the past week.  My stress levels in the past week have skyrocketed so it is possible that it can be attributed to that. We will see.  By and large, though, the energy has been good, the blood sugars stabilized, and everything going well.

For those who have asked, I have NOT read the China Study, and this diet has nothing to do necessarily with that.  If you take a closer look at the recommendations of various health organizations, you will see that eating low fat, high vegetable intake, moderate fruit intake, cutting out of refined products, and minimizing meat and dairy is what they all recommend, from cancer organizations, diabetes organizations, and heart organizations.  The one step further of cutting our all dairy and meat (not an issue for us as we are not meat eaters), and limiting/cutting out oils, avocados and nuts, are associated with specific recommendations for reversing diabetes and avoiding heart disease by the doctor-consultant for the diabetes association, Dr. Barnard, and the heart surgeon who found amazing results with diet changes to avoid d surgeries all together, Dr. Esselstyn, along with many other research/university doctors who have been studying this issue for 30 to 40 years.

Lastly, I will add that once you get into this, the taste buds change.  The reason I do not compromise this system is not because I think something terrible will happen. It is because I do not want to affect my taste buds.  Non-cheesy foods, low fat foods, non-oily foods, whole grains...they taste GREAT to me.  If I began eating all of those unhealthier food again, it would affect the way the stuff that is excellent for me tastes.  It is not worth it for me. I am enjoying for the first time in literally YEARS the benefits of the lower weight (21 pounds lighter), the stable blood sugar and the increased energy. There is no way I want to ever compromise that.  Just as a smoker cannot be a part-time smoker, I don't plan to play with compromising these great benefits I am now enjoying by eating a plant-strong, vegan diet!

By the way, this is my favorite shirt and it is missing! :(


Anonymous said…
yay! im so happy for you, and you look great! :)
Landon said…
Thanks greatt post