Expose the Hidden

Purim. Megillot Esther.  Megillot - expose.  Esther - concealment.  Expose the hidden. 

What exactly is hidden and concealed from us?  What needs to be exposed?  This whole hooplah about G-d has been on my mind lately.  It is interesting that the whole miracle of Purim takes place without G-d even being mentioned.  He is only evident through nature.  We must use our analytical skills to parse G-d into the equation.

There is so much that is unexplained and perplexing.  Queen Vashti's unjust death.  The severity of King Achasverous' anger.  Haman's rise to power, and trust given to him.  The complete and totally unexplained hatred that Haman has for the Jewish people.  Yes, despite all of this, we back-read this story and see a miracle, even though no supernatural event occurred.

In fact, this back-read indicates that we are an active and necessary part of the miracle that occurred.  That no laws of nature were suspended.  That there was nothing required of us - not faith, not belief - for this to happen, for the Jewish people to be saved. 

What does that tell us about the here and now? About miracles?  How often do we back-read our experiences and notice the natural miracles that have occurred?