Adult Bat Mitzvah

Yes, friends, the time has come for me to step up to the plate and do some serious learning.  Ritual learning.  Spiritual learning.  Intellectual learning.  All three of these types of learning will be engaging me during this process.

I am most looking forward to learning the following in each respective area:

RITUALLY.  I have for quite some time wanted to be a better davener.  I stink at memorization, and I read Hebrew extremely slow. This means that I usually daven about 85% of the time in English and 15% of the time in Hebrew.  I would love for that to change, and with this process that ratio will change. I will also learn to chant Torah which terrifies me. I secretly fear I will fail at this component due to my inability to memorize.

INTELLECTUALLY.  The parsha that I will be studying is Tazria-Metzora.  Yes, one of the least favorite, if not the least favorite parshas of them all.  I will be studying it through the lens of Rashi, and then most likely Ibn Ezra and Nahmanides.  If there is time after that, I would love to throw in a more modern commentator as well. This I am completely psyched about! Study-study-study - one of my favorite things to do! I hope to also pull a few people in occasionally to study chavruta style to maximize my perspectives and learning. If anyone is interested in sporadically getting together to do this with me over the next two years, please let me know.

SPIRITUALLY.  How can one study and learn the prayers ritually, and the parsha intellectually, without spiritual growth in the process?  I don't know what this part will look-feel-sound like, but I am open to the process of becoming a better person and a deeper Jew because of it.

I am looking forward to what this new Journey brings...the blessings, the challenges, the growth, the tension, the transformation.


neta said…
You are amazing....I wish I was even close to the level of knowledge and understanding you are! I study every day and it just seems to show me how much more there is to learn....good thing I love to study too ;)