Yes, I have been Nia-fied! One of the most amazing experiences from spending a weekend with positive and healthy women was being introduced to Nia.  I knew that it involved exercise - bodily wellness - but I had no idea it was going to be so fun, deep, meaningful, laugh-inducing, serious, sweat-producing, spiritual, and theatrical! The person who led the workshop is a woman by the name of Tracy Stamper.

Tracy is energetic, fun, positive - she sings to the lyrics, does silly things with her body, and made me feel like there was nothing to be self-conscious about.  The way in which she incorporated the song lyrics, the imagery...the way in which she mixed up the rigorous and the slow movements...and the words she used to guide us made the experience especially awesome.

You may want to have a seat...what I am about to say is true...I took TWO classes in a row!!! TWO HOURS OF NIA!

I am going to a class on Thursday night and I can barely wait to start this journey of getting into shape in a fun and meaningful way!