Turnstiles, A Blog Post

plural noun: turnstiles
  1. a mechanical gate consisting of revolving horizontal arms fixed to a vertical post, allowing only one person at a time to pass through.

Turnstile - A Conglomeration of Words
It has always been one way, hasn't it? One person at a time. No room for more than one. The crowds may frighten me, but at least they are in line, waiting their turn. Waiting for the moment that they can lean their bony frames against the cold metal arm, and pass through. 

What If? - A Gentleman's Question

What Ifs hang in the air like half filled balloons. Gentlemen, the kind ones at least, check on them from time to time.  Swoop in when the air is low.  Fret when they cling to the ceiling, full of life. It is a hard game.