Moving Right Along

I haven't blogged in a while because I haven't been feeling necessarily "spiritual" for lack of a better word. I have been on auto-drive, moving through life without necessarily being completely present in it.  There is always something to do, and I often feel behind in everything that I am undertaking. Also, my routine of morning chanting, davening, homeschooling, working, writing, reading...have all been disrupted. 

In some ways, this is a really good time in my life.  I love my new job. I am seeing someone special, and I am enjoying our time together. I've started to get back to Life.  In some ways, though, the cracks are still appearing - such as my morning routines, the condition of the house, the laundry crisis, finances.  Still, I do feel like I am crawling out of a tunnel, and soon those things which are still out of place will begin to fall back into place.