Ever had one of those days? The kind that starts off so hopeful, and everything is going right, and the vibe is good, and you are sticking to your diet, and your water intake, and meetings are a breeze, and you keep thinking back to the awesome night you had yesterday, and then...


Yeah. That happened to me today. And I was not prepared for it. It doesn't matter what it was that smacked me down, because Life does that to me sometimes, and the Universe doesn't stop it (even though I think it should). And likely, it happens to you on occasion as well, although I pray less frequently.

I have a pretty good recipe for getting through it --

Experience it. You have to move through it. Go through the emotions, and try not to judge yourself too much in the process.

Process it. Tell your partner and your friend all the gory details. Ugly cry when you do so.

Move on.  Just like that - move on. Take a step forward, and walk. Exhausted from it? Take a nap. Headache from it? Shower.  Puffy eyes from it?  Cucumbers or cold, wet rag.  Obsessing on it? Remind yourself you processed it, and get busy doing something that requires brain usage (work, research, read...). If there is action that needs to be taken, and it can wait, deal with those things tomorrow that need to be done. Leave it for now.

Painting by Maura (Momo) Barrans