An Accounting of the Soul

Elul is here! I welcomed it in with flu. 

Sick or not, I am breaking into Elul by evulating this accouning of my evaluating my dining room. The similarities are striking. 

As it stands, half the junk from my bedroom is now living in the dining room. I started to dejunk my bedroom, and bag up ridiculous amounts of clothing, when I became sick, some sort of flu, that maximized on Saturday morning. And so now, this room cleaning has spilled into what was my only clean room in the house - - the dining room. 

This is my soul. Moving my personal junk from one room to the other, so that the one area I worked so hard on to clean and organize, is now cluttered. And it doesn't feel nice to dwell within the clutter. Internal clutter. External clutter. 

Even as I began Elul not feeling well, I will not let that detract from what needs to be done. Before I can evaluate my misses in life, I need to get my inner and outer house in order. So that I can breathe. So that I can see myself clearly. So that I can reset my aim, and make the target.