College Bound

Applying to colleges and universities are much different today than they were, I think, when I went to school.  I simply filled out a student loan form, submitted my ACT score with a few details about myself, received an acceptance, and then picked my classes. Done! It was almost an on-the-spot process.

I do remember having a little bit of difficulty getting student loans because they wanted my parents' financial information. By the time of my application, I had already been living on my own for quite a while, and my parents were not participating in my education or living arrangements. Other than that little snafu, it was a simple process.

Fast forward to now - the daughter-bot has been accepted to a small school (SIUE) not too far away. She turned in her school records, her ACT scores, filled out an elaborate application, and I can't remember if this was one of the schools that required an essay.  I just filled out the FAFSA form online, the one parents have to fill out prior to being able to apply for student loans.  It took about an hour or so to fill out. She also had to fill out a FAFSA form which she did. Now we wait one week to see if she qualifies for financial aid.  Then the school will send a financial award letter.  After that, if there is any further money due, I assume we fill out paperwork for further coverage/student loans? Anyone?

This whole process makes me soooo nervous. Since I am still homeschooling, am single-parenting, and basically working two part-time jobs (my company and my shul), my income is super low as is my time availability. I hope we can get everything covered by loans, and then her father and I can help her pay it down slowly over time.

The only thing that makes me feel better about this whole thing is that a new Wonder Woman movie is coming out. Wonder Woman 1984 with...Gal Gadot again. Yay!

(What does that have to do with college financials, you ask?) (Nothing!)